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A well-executed project requires impeccable care. Our in-house graphic department performs a series of operations to transform the initial idea and the executive project into a feasible solution. Thanks to our experience in the field, we are able to integrate the most appropriate embellishments into the graphic project, ensuring both printing effectiveness and impeccable aesthetics.


The journey to create our adhesive labels for wines, oils, and spirits begins with extraordinarily accurate and personalized graphic design. We work closely with our clients to fully understand their vision and brand values. Every detail is meticulously studied, from color selection to printing technique, to ensure that the label not only represents the product but also tells a compelling and unforgettable story.


Our graphic office, composed of a team of experts, is dedicated to the prepress phase, essential for ensuring the quality of the final result. Before proceeding with printing, our graphic designers and technicians meticulously examine every detail of the drafts to optimize the work. They then perform a customized layout, creating detailed technical sheets for each type of label, ensuring optimized and high-performance printing.


We use the most advanced printing technologies to transform graphic designs into labels of exceptional quality. Our meticulous attention to detail is reflected in every phase of the process, ensuring that each label is perfect and durable. The quality of our adhesive labels is guaranteed by the use of cutting-edge machinery and continuous research into innovations in the printing sector.


To achieve extraordinary results, we carefully select exclusive papers and materials. We offer a wide range of options, from fine papers to innovative materials, which not only enhance the aesthetics of the label but also improve its functionality and durability. Each material is chosen to enhance the product and create a high-level tactile and visual experience.


Printing types and embellishments are the special effects of a label. They communicate at first glance the prestige and level of a product and brand. Often, it's thanks to them that one stops to look, touch, pick up the bottle, and often buy it. Therefore, not only an aesthetic element but a precise marketing factor that rewards the quality of printing and the most elegant embellishments with greater visual and tactile impact. We offer all existing printing types and embellishments that add value and prestige to your labels:

  • OFFSET PRINTING: A versatile technique that guarantees high quality and precision in details, ideal for large runs.
  • FLEXO PRINTING: Suitable for large volumes, allows for rapid production with excellent quality, using flexible inks on various surfaces.
  • SCREEN PRINTING: Perfect for vibrant and bright colors, offering distinctive tactile quality.
  • DIGITAL PRINTING: Ideal for limited runs and customizations, offers high quality and rapid production times.
  • FLEXO VARNISHING: Adds protection and shine to the label, available in various finishes for a unique visual effect.
  • HOT STAMPING: Colorful and shiny details applied with precision, for a sophisticated and attractive look.
  • 3D CASTING: Creates luxurious metallic 3D relief effects that catch the eye and add a touch of prestige.
  • OPAQUE, GLOSSY, AND RELIEF SCREEN PRINTING: Adds texture and depth, enhancing both appearance and tactile feel.
  • CUSTOM DIE-CUTTING: Unique and customized shapes that make the label immediately recognizable.
  • Embossing: Creates an outward relief, adding a touch of elegance and three-dimensionality to the label, attracting attention and giving a high-quality look to the product.
  • Debossing: Creates an inward relief, offering a sophisticated and subtle tactile effect, adding depth and refinement to the label, enhancing the brand and product.
  • MICRO-ENGRAVING OF THE PAPER: Finely detailed engravings on the surface for an exclusive visual and tactile effect.
  • HOT ENGRAVINGS: Metallic relief details that add elegance and a touch of luxury.
  • LOL (label on label): Combination of two different papers for a unique and captivating multilayer effect.
  • LUMINESCENT VARNISHES: Light effects that glow in the dark, creating a surprising visual impact.
  • SANDED OR GLITTERED TEXTURE VARNISHES: Tactile finishes that add an element of surprise and attractiveness.


We offer shrink capsules in PVC, polylaminate, and other materials for wine, oil, sparkling wine, and liquor bottles. Our capsules can be customized with hot stamping or dry embossing, ensuring a distinctive and refined touch for each bottle and a perfect color match with the label.


We create custom graphic and die-cut tags with knotted string, ideal for adding an element of class and information to your products. We also offer tissue paper in all colors, customizable with graphics and embellishments for elegant and protective packaging.

Packaging & Design

In the packaging and design sector, we offer a wide range of customized products to meet every need:

  • SINGLE-BOTTLE BOXES: Elegant and robust solutions for presenting single bottles, perfect for gifts and special presentations.
  • BOXES WITH HANDLES: Practical and functional, ideal for the safe and convenient transport of bottles.
  • CASES: Luxurious designs for high-level gift packaging, capable of enhancing the quality of the contained product.
  • Shopping bags: Custom bags with your brand's logo, for a touch of class and professionalism.
  • DISPLAY STANDS: Custom-made structures made of various materials, to best present your products in retail points.

Brand Identity

To strengthen your brand identity, we offer complete development and realization services:

  • BUSINESS CARDS: Elegant and professional, to leave a lasting impression.

  • FOLDERS: Perfect for business presentations and documentation.

  • Brochure: High-quality informational material to promote your products and services.

  • NOTEPADS: Useful and personalized, ideal for offices and promotional events.

  • CALENDARS: Promotional tools that keep your brand in view all year round.

VISUAL Identity

For a powerful and consistent visual identity, we provide services of:

  • Video marketing: Captivating video productions to promote your brand and products.

  • PHOTO SHOOTS: Professional images to capture the essence of your product.

  • WEBSITE CREATION: Customized and functional websites designed to enhance your online presence.

  • SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT: Social media marketing strategies to increase the visibility and engagement of your brand.

  • 3D rendering: Three-dimensional visualizations to present your products innovatively and attractively.


Our real difference compared to the competition lies in the close collaboration with our clients. We work side by side with you to find the most suitable and innovative solutions, optimizing your image to the fullest. Our goal is to create products and services that not only enhance your bottle and brand but distinguish it to best value it in an increasingly competitive market.


Our commitment is to provide products and services for wines, oils, and spirits that are synonymous with superior quality, elegance, and innovation. Each label is the result of meticulous attention to detail; we manage the complete process from the initial idea to the final realization and delivery of the product or service, to ensure a result that meets and exceeds our clients' expectations.

Choosing us means choosing a partner who shares with you the passion for excellence in a unique vision, discover how we can transform it into reality with our high-quality adhesive labels and our complete products/services to best optimize your image. Know-how and innovation are the perfect combination to provide efficiency, professionalism, and absolutely competitive prices.

Contact us today for a free consultation, to start your project and make a difference with your product. Do not hesitate to call or write to us for more information and to discover how we can help you achieve your goals with our customized solutions.

Massimo Malin & Michele Malin